Facebook to Ban Personal Problems

In the latest dramatic move by the world’s largest social networking website, Facebook have announced they will be banning users from whining about their pitiful personal problems through the site. The announcement comes only months after Facebook introduced the mandatory competency test to its

Conspiracy Theorists are a Conspiracy

Conspiracy theorists are not real, it has emerged, and their apparent existence is nothing more than an elaborate Government led conspiracy. In an ironic twist of events, anonymous insiders are confirming for the first time that the world’s leading conspiracy theorists – such as

Serial boycotters run out of shops

UK Serial boycotters who enjoy riding the Internet hate bandwagon may have ran out of stores to shop in, a survey has revealed. This week has seen Morrisons supermarket to be the latest high-street store to encounter a mass boycott after revealing the horrific

Facebook to Introduce “Punch” option

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has announced that the world’s most popular social networking site is to introduce a ‘Punch’ option to its users. This latest feature, that will succeed the creepy, sexual “Poke” is to allow male users to settle disagreements they